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Infinity Glow LED Beer Pong Table
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Infinity Mirror

Illusions to keep your guests entertained all night. We use special mirrors that bounce in the light to create a trippy illusion of looking into endless space while playing beer pong and other party games! with your friends!

Full Metal Construction

Built like a tank. We designed our beer pong tables with a powder coated (non-rust) steel frame that will survive the craziest parties. The tables are tournament regulation dimensions with a length of 8ft and 2ft wide.

Steel frame beer pong table

Break it down, move it around

Need to host elsewhere? Take it with you, it fits in the trunk. Six super sturdy screw on (off?) legs that detach and clip under the beer pong table for storage. Table folds in the center to compact down to 48 x 24 x 4 inches. Magnets on each end connect to keep table closed during transport. Science!
your minions followers!

Infinity beer pong table folds into compact space

Customize Your Table

Customize your infinity beer pong table with logos and graphics

Personalized Logos, Graphics, Pictures or Lettering

Print your bar or team name on your beer pong table. Send us an image and we can have it applied to the mirrors on each side of the table within the infinity effect. Have diffrent images on each side for verses or themed tables. The choice is yours!

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The Glowing Gallery

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epic parties with the infinity beer pong table
infinity beer pong tables are great for any event
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